Art Tiles

The Art Tiles at the Tri-Cities Airport tie in three distinctive characteristics of the region; agriculture, geology and technology.  Line drawings by local artists were etched onto the wall tiles, making this artwork a permanent fixture of the terminal building.  The art tile project was fully sponsored by the Columbia Center Rotary Club.  

Artist Name:  Denise Bowles
Tile #: 28

“I have been creating professionally since 1997. My mixed media works can be found throughout the country in several private collections. I explore with texture, line and color in an attempt to understand myself and my universe; where I fit into it, how I affect it, and how it affects me.”

Contact info: (509) 440-9847 Denise Bowles Art Blog

Artist Name:  Jim Bumgarner
Tile #’s: 25, 27, 29, 35, 41

“I paint and draw, but I am primarily an urban sketcher. Founder of the ‘Urban Sketchers: Tri-Cities’ group, and the ‘Annual West Coast Urban Sketchers' Sketch Crawls’ which, to date, have been held in San Francisco, Portland, and San Diego. Pen, ink and watercolors.”

Contact Info:

Artist Name:  Yichien Cooper
Tile #: 26

“I create art to rediscover myself. To me, art is a communication tool, a bridge between idea and real life.”

Contact Info: www.yichiencooper.com yichiencooper@gmail.com

Artist Name:  Jean Fu
Tile #’s: 10, 11, 19, 21, 39

“I paint mostly watercolor on paper, but also enjoy drawing and sketching.  I find inspiration from everyday life and show my appreciation through painting.”

Contact Info: jeanandjames@frontier.com

Artist Name:  Laura Gable
Tile #
s: 12, 14

“I spend a great deal of time studying nature and painting local scenery out of doors--striving to capture the essence of the scene and portray the nuances of sunlight on the form.  With a primary medium of oils, I paint in a loose painterly impressionistic fashion.  I am both teacher and student and have been making art in multiple forms for most of my life.”

Contact Info: (509) 308-0666 http://LauraGable.com

Artist Name: Patty Gardner
Tile #’s: 2, 4, 5, 17, 23, 31

“I am a native of Pasco, Washington who finds countless sources of inspiration in the country life I lead.  I am passionate about using a variety of media:  watercolor and pen & ink drawing are among my favorites, although oils, torn paper collage and fiber arts are also high on my list.  My work has been shown in combined and solo exhibits and can be found in many private collections around the country.”

Contact Info: pattygardner76@gmail.com www.facebook.com/thesnakeriver... (509) 546-9617

Artist Name:  Leslie Ann Hauer
Tile #’s: 16, 30, 42

“I focus on painting the landscape and flowers in oil and watercolors.  I prefer to work ‘plein air’.  My recent works include a series of ‘portraits’ of sagebrush that explore the many colors and shapes of this common regional shrub. “

Contact Info: hauerart.com hauerartstudio.com

Artist Name:  Terri L. Knoke
Tile #: 7

“I am a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the Washington Native Plant Society.  I have recently illustrated the scientific papers describing two newly discovered wildflowers of Washington State, both rare plants:  Lomatium Knokei and Phlox solivagus.  My preferred medium is watercolor, although pen and ink is the method in which I create technical drawings for botanical illustrations.”

Contact info: cogentillustrations@charter.net

Artist Name:  Margaret McKechnie
Tile #: 6

“My work explores the magnificent play of light and shadow on an outcrop of columnar basalt.  I am inspired by nature.  Found objects, such as stone, feathers, twigs, and leaves, are celebrated when they come together in a mixed-media collage.”

Contact Info: Mlmckechnie@gmail.com


Artist Name:  J. Miller Loomis
Tile #’s: 36, 43

“Waste is often the subject of my work, both the everyday kind we all generate and the scarier nuclear kind that we live with here in the Mid-Columbia.  I depict Hanford, especially B Reactor, with acrylic, pencil, watercolor and rubber stamp ink marks.  For this project, I used ink and markers to show Rattlesnake Mountain behind a Hanford fence and departed from that theme to show new vineyards as they first spring up from the dirt.”

Contact Info:

Artist Name: Patricia (Nemer) O'Neil
Tile #’s: 8, 9, 38

“Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I attended Wayne State University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Art Education. While I taught, I pursued my passion for drawing and painting in pastels, watercolor and oils. I came out to the Tri-Cities for the wine business and became active in its vital art community.”

Contact Info: pattyoneil2@hotmail.com (509) 378-9537

Artist Name:  David Poynter or lapoynte
Tile #: 20

“I am mostly a local sketch artist. I enjoy sketching places that are well-known around town and where people meet and share time with friends.  My media of choice is pen and colored pencil but I also work in watercolor and acrylic.”

Contact Info: David Poynter on www.flickr.com

Artist Name:  Cynthia Rutherford
Tile #: 33

“I have had a passion for art all my life.  In high school, I studied privately with a teacher from The Arts Student League of New York who taught a Rembrandtic style of painting.  Recently I have been pursuing ‘loose watercolors’ and ‘plein air’ painting with oils trying to capture our local terra.”Rembrandtic style of painting.  Recently I have been pursuing ‘loose watercolors’ and ‘plein air’ painting with oils trying to capture our local terra.”

Contact Info:


Artist Name:  Nancy J. Thurston
Tile #’s: 1, 3, 13, 15, 18, 22, 24, 25, 32, 34, 37, 40

“I love to paint and draw things that stir me emotionally and that can be people, places or things.  At this time, 2015, I am painting primarily in watercolor but I appreciate oils as well.  These drawings are also something I love to do - pen and ink and sometimes adding a watercolor wash.”

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