Flyers Encouraged to get TSA Pre✓™

Lines to get through TSA screening at airports are just part of the travel experience, but there is an easier and quicker way. Passengers who have the TSA Pre✓™ are offered expedited screening, often allowing the traveler to wear their jackets and shoes, and keep their laptops and liquids in their bags. Many airports offered a designated screening lane for TSA Pre✓ passengers, offering a major time savings.

Last summer, to draw attention to the program, TSA randomly selected qualified passengers and applied the TSA Pre✓ to their boarding pass.The program also supported a designated screening line at Tri-Cities Airport. Many of us enjoyed this benefit automatically; however, the TSA is now ending this program.

While many Tri-Cities Airport passengers have signed up for the TSA Pre✓ designation, there is not enough to keep a dedicated screening lane. TSA Pre✓ passengers still get expedited screening, but in the same lane as standard screening. If enough people sign up for the program, we may see the designated lane return after the airport expansion project is completed in early 2017.

To get expedited screening, travelers need to enroll in the Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler program.To begin the enrollment process, go online to universalenroll.dhs.gov. Follow the prompts to pre-enroll and set an appointment to visit the enrollment center located at the Lourdes Occupational Health Facility, 9915 Sandifur Parkway in Pasco.The cost is $85 and membership is valid for five years.

The Tri-Cities Airport encourages our passengers to enroll in TSA Pre✓ to improve their traveling experience at the Tri-Cities Airport and other airports across the country.

For more information:

Ron Foraker, Airport Director

Port of Pasco

(509) 547-3378