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Growing With Our Region

In just the past five years, the number of enplanements at the Tri-Cities Airport has increased by nearly 100,000, which represents both the continued vibrancy of the region and the growing flight service available at the airport.

In response to this growth, along with a revision of the airport’s 20-year Master Plan, the Port of Pasco has undertaken the largest expansion and modernization project since the initial construction of the terminal.

When the $41.9 million project is complete in January 2017, the airport will be set to serve the growing region for 20-plus years. The project will double the size of the terminal and position the airport for the next 20 years. It addresses the shortfalls of the current space and recognizes the changes in air travel including new security mandates and the ability for our guests relax and have improved and enlarged amenities once they pass through security.

A better airport is on the way:

  • A gorgeous view is on the way
  • Smoother security is on the way
  • More gates with room for more flights are on the way
  • Expanded dining is on the way
  • Additional seating is on the way
  • New amenities are on the way

A project of this scope will temporarily impact various services at the airport. Thank you in advance for your patience as the Tri-Cities Airport grows with the region.

What to Expect

Phase I


Phase I includes construction in the rental car, baggage claim and restroom areas. In addition, construction of a new screening lane and boarding concourse will occur.

Phase II

Fall 2015 through Summer 2016:

During Phase II, car rentals and baggage claim will be back to normal. The existing restaurant will be closed. There will be a temporary food and beverage area in the new concourse. Inbound passengers will use a temporary exit lane to leave the secured area. Traveler boarding will occur in the north half of the new concourse.

Phase III

Summer 2016 through January 2017:

Phase III kicks off with the full opening of the new concourse. Remaining construction includes relocating airline ticket counters in a temporary area adjacent to the TSA checkpoint while the current airline ticket counters and outbound baggage are remodeled. Remodeling will allow us to expand the passenger drop off in front of the terminal.


When done, passenger traveling through the Tri-Cities Airport will experience an air terminal complete with state-of-the-art amenities, created to accommodate the growth of the region well into the future, and designed to reflect the geography, heritage and culture of this area.

Our Future:

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