Reminder: Business License Required for Uber and Lyft Drivers at Tri-Cities Airport

Reminder: Business License Required for All Uber and Lyft Drivers at Tri-Cities Airport

Pasco, WA – Noting the increase in new driver activity, the Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) reminds all Uber, Lyft, and other transportation-network company drivers that they must obtain a For-Hire Business License from the City of Pasco in order to operate in the city. This includes picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport.

All for-hire drivers must submit a copy of a current For-Hire Business License to the airport administration office and also be able to produce that business license when requested by PSC staff. The city’s licensing program ensures that drivers operate a vehicle that has passed inspection, carries the proper levels of insurance, and is affiliated with a licensed company. Applications for Pasco’s For-Hire Business Licenses can be found at

The City of Pasco is also a licensing partner with the State of Washington Business License Service’s (BLS) combined licensing program. This city-state partnership saves time by combining renewals and applications into one easy process with one yearly payment. With BLS, drivers can apply for or renew a Pasco license along with hundreds of other state and city licenses online through the Washington State Department of Revenue, at or (360) 705-6741.

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