Helpful Tips for Passengers Traveling Through the Tri-Cities Airport this Holiday Season

Helpful Tips for Passengers Traveling Through the Tri-Cities Airport
this Holiday Season

Pasco, WA – Holiday travel is in full swing across the country. To help make for a smooth journey, the Tri-Cities Airport is sharing valuable tips below for passengers planning to travel through PSC from now until the end of the year:

Arrive early. Aim to arrive at least two hours before your flight to give yourself ample time to find parking, walk to the terminal, check bags, go through security and get to your gate.

Pack your patience. Everyone is excited to travel near and far to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Lines to check bags and go through security will be longer than they typically are, so please pack your patience.

Consider checking your bags. Airlines will likely be checking passenger bags at the gate. Consider checking your bags to lighten your load and save time going through security and boarding the plane.

Think 3-1-1. When going through the security checkpoint, come prepared to follow the 3-1-1 rule for your liquids and gels: 3 ounces of liquid in a 1 quart bag, 1 bag per person. Higher quantities of breast milk, medicines, and hand sanitizer are permitted but may require further inspection.

Know which holiday items can travel in your carry-on and which should go in a checked bag. TSA has policies that affect holiday travel. Learn ahead of time which items you can bring on the plane or need to check in your luggage.

  • Holiday foods: Solids like turkey, ham, pies or cookies can be carried onto the plane in your bag. Travelers are encouraged to organize their carry-on bags so the food to be easily removed and help keep the lines moving. But if you can spill it, spread it, spray it, pump it or pour it, then please pack anything over 3.4 ounces in your checked bag. This includes gravies, jams, and jellied cranberries.
  • Wrapped gifts: While you can travel with wrapped presents, if your gift triggers an alarm at the checkpoint, it may need to be unwrapped for TSA officers to inspect. Instead of wrapping, consider using a gift bag or a gift box (which allows officers to remove the item without needing to unwrap it) or wrap the gift upon your arrival at your destination.
  • Electronics: Tablets, e-readers, smart watches, electronic game consoles, and Bluetooth speakers can all be packed in your carry-on bag. However, if the device is larger than a cell phone, you’ll need to remove the item from your carry-on bag when you go through the security checkpoint.

Greet passengers on the curb. When picking friends and family up from the airport, please use the cell phone lot and have the passenger call you when they arrive and have their bags. You can then pick them up on the curb.

Choose convenient parking. Our self-serve credit card lot is a short walk to the terminal, easy in and easy out.

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