Local Art Shines at Tri-Cities Airport

Pasco, WA – The latest round of local artwork is now installed at the Tri-Cities Airport. The airport’s selections for 2020 were curated by the Airport Art Committee and Davin Diaz, Executive Director of Art Center Task Force and owner of DrewBoy Creative Art Gallery. Malaura Bricker, Sena Clara Creston, and David V35 are all local artists who have created pieces in a dynamic mix of styles and materials that specifically highlight the Tri-Cities region.

“We love showcasing local artists at the airport,” said Buck Taft, Director of Tri-Cities Airport. “Each artist’s individual take on the region helps our passengers learn more about our beautiful region, and provides a unique sense of place that makes the Tri-Cities Airport one of a kind.”

Each artist has a separate wall in the terminal to showcase their pieces, and the artists’ displays will be up through the year. Artist statements and sample art pieces are below:

Malaura Bricker: By combining her passions for paper, natural fibers, and repurposing, Malaura Bricker creates visually tactile experiences: unexpected textured collages that can be gently touched while viewing. She creates layers using sourced and artisan crafted papers with gathered flora and fiber elements, which are then repurposed into a new texture. Grasses, bark, leaves, and flowers are added to upcycled threads and strands to create works that are both aesthetically and tactically pleasing. The geography surrounding her roots in Eastern Washington inspires many of her works, including “The Three Sisters.”


“The Three Sisters” by Malaura Bricker

Sena Clara Creston: Humaniscapes is a series black and white photographs exploring unintentional collaborations between humans and their environment. Sena Clara Creston is a professor of Fine Arts and Digital Technology and Culture at Washington State University, Tri-Cities, where she collaborates with engineers and considers the complexity of culture in the modern, mediated world.


“Humaniscapes” by Sena Clara Creston

David V35: David is a self-taught neo-surrealist artist with contemporary tendencies based in Tri-Cities. He finds inspiration in the greater Pacific Northwest and works with a variety of mediums, including watercolor, oils, ink and acrylics, and clay. His artwork tackles subjects like the human condition, science and religion, metaphysics, war, peace, music, evil and the divine, poetry, freedom and redemption. He is also the founder of the growing brand-project New Art Order, and his artwork has been exhibited around the Tri-Cities region.


Framed prints by David V35

About the Airport

Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is the largest airport in the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region and the third largest air carrier airport in the state of Washington. With connections to eight major hubs, the airport is served by Delta, Alaska, United, and Allegiant airlines. More than 870,000 passengers traveled through PSC in 2019. For more information about the airport, visit or follow us on Facebook.