Science is Beautiful at Tri-Cities Airport

Science is Beautiful at Tri-Cities Airport

Pasco, WA – The newest round of artwork has been installed at the Tri-Cities Airport (PSC). Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will be displaying “Science is Beautiful” in all three of the airport art display areas for 2023. This well-received community project provides an artistic view of scientific studies.

Each year, PSC offers local artists an opportunity to display their work in the terminal. While PNNL was established in the Tri-Cities in 1965, it is better known as one of the nation’s leading centers for scientific discovery in chemistry and Earth science. The vivid PNNL images used in the art exhibits highlight everything from microscopic plants to water molecules.

“Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Communications Division has been working on discovering platforms for enterprise storytelling around the Lab’s research and mission,” shared Timothy Holland, Creative Director for PNNL. “The concept for creating a true art installation, with minimal verbiage and maximum visual impact, seemed like a perfect fit for our Tri-Cities Airport.”

“The airport’s ‘local artist’ is a little untraditional this year, but no less captivating,” said Buck Taft, Director of Tri-Cities Airport. “The colors are vibrant and the images are so intriguing you can’t help but want to learn more. We hope our passengers will find time in their travel through our airport to discover that science is indeed beautiful.”

Each wall installation includes a brief explanation of PNNL’s research areas and an invitation to visit to learn more, with a scannable QR code for easy access from a smart phone. “Science is Beautiful” will be up in the airport terminal through the year.

About the Airport

Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is the largest airport in the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region

and the third largest air carrier airport in the state of Washington. With connections to several major hubs, the

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