Tri-Cities Airport Launches PSC Pass Program to Open Terminal to Non-Ticketed Visitors

Tri-Cities Airport Launches PSC Pass Program to Open Terminal
to Non-Ticketed Visitors

Pasco, WA – The community no longer needs a boarding pass to visit the Tri-Cities Airport (PSC)! A new program, PSC Pass, gives non-travelers the ability to shop, dine, watch planes, view art exhibits, and greet friends and relatives when they arrive at the gate or accompany them before their departing flight.

Individuals interested in obtaining a PSC Pass must have a government-issued ID and can fill out an online application via the airport website. Once approved, a PSC Pass is treated like a boarding pass to give visitors access to the terminal when the TSA checkpoint opens.

Visitors must comply with the same TSA screening and inspection procedures as ticketed passengers. After clearing security, visitors can enjoy the airport terminal in its entirety.

“This program is a great opportunity for the entire community to enjoy our airport,” said Buck Taft, Director of Tri-Cities Airport. “With PSC Pass, hellos and goodbyes don’t need to be said curbside anymore. People can greet or say farewell to their loved ones right at the gate. Then, they can enjoy a meal at one of our dining options or admire our newest art exhibit before heading home.”

The PSC Pass program is limited to 10 passes per day, and participants can apply for one pass per month. More information about PSC Pass can be found on the Tri-Cities Airport website.

About the Airport

Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is the largest airport in the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region

and the third largest air carrier airport in the state of Washington. With connections to several major hubs, the

airport is served by Delta, Alaska, United, Allegiant and Avelo airlines. For more information about the airport, visit or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.