Tri-Cities Airport Open and Operational during COVID-19

Pasco, WA – The Tri-Cities Airport remains open and operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. The airport is considered an essential service provider, and will continue to support the community. However, there are a few recommendations and changes to operations that airport users should be aware of before coming to the airport:

Flight schedules are currently normal. While the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced air travel demand across the globe, the Tri-Cities Airport has not been informed of any schedule changes to its current flight offerings. One-off flight delays and cancellations still occur, and travelers should stay in contact with their airline regarding specific itineraries. The Tri-Cities Airport does anticipate that there will be schedule changes soon; when informed by the airline(s), the airport will share the information on Facebook and its website, Passengers are encouraged to confirm their flight with their airline before arriving at the airport.

Do the Five. For those who still need to travel, please keep in mind the World Health Organization’s “Do the Five” when coming to the airport:

1 HANDS Wash them often

2 ELBOW Cough into it

3 FACE Don't touch it

4 FEET Stay more than 6 feet apart

5 FEEL sick? Stay home

Greet passengers on the curb. When picking up someone from the airport, please use the cell phone lot and have the passenger call you when they arrive and have their bags. You can then pick them up on the curb. If you need to come into the airport, we ask that only one person comes in to meet the passenger and to also keep The Five in mind.

Bring full-size hand sanitizers. The TSA is now permitting travelers to bring hand-sanitizer bottles up to 12 ounces through the security checkpoint. These bottles will be screened separately, which may add time to the security experience. All other liquids will still need to be 3.4 ounces or less.

Dining options are still available. The airport’s concessionaires are providing grab-and-go food options for travelers, and the airport store remains open and selling snacks, bottled drinks, and other items.

Airport staff remains vigilant. The Tri-Cities Airport has increased its cleaning of high-touch areas and the deep-cleaning of restrooms. Non-essential personnel will work remotely, and airport leadership will continue to revise its operations and policies as directed by public health organizations. The airport will also keep the community informed about travel updates as they occur.

For additional details on how the Tri-Cities Airport is responding to COVID-19, please visit our website.

About the Airport

Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is the largest airport in the Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon region and the third largest air carrier airport in the state of Washington. With connections to eight major hubs, the airport is served by Delta, Alaska, United, and Allegiant airlines. More than 870,000 passengers traveled through PSC in 2019. For more information about the airport, visit or follow us on Facebook.